Alpha Mobility Srl

Alpha Mobility SRL is an innovative start up, it represents a young and dynamic company operating in the field of electric mobility;

Alphamobility was founded in 2020 by a team of entrepreneurs and engineers with decades of experience in the field of industrial automation. Alpha Mobility SRL aims to seamlessly integrate environmental, social and good governance principles.
The business of Alpha Mobility SRL is divided into three macro areas: Green Blue, Alpha Bike and Alpha Mobility.



GREEN Green Blue is an innovative project of Alpha Mobility SRL, it deals with the operational rental and management of charging systems for electric vehicles. In particular, we offer our customers a complete service, from equipment, maintenance to invoice management and privacy, which allows them to have an extra income at the end of the month without any thought, the service is totally IoT: it allows the management of the efficiency of the columns completely remotely from our company.
Any business that has at its location a parking lot owned for public use can place one or more columns with our charging system offering to its customers the possibility to recharge their electric car.
Our strong point is the 360° service offered to our customer, which in turn to the final customer is unique on the market and allows the customer to earn without any worries by relying completely on us.
Alpha Bike. Alpha Bike is the area that deals with the sale of electric scooters and accessories for the same scooters, such as top cases and batteries.
Alpha Mobility. Alpha Mobility is the area that deals with the sale of electric vehicle charging stations, an ideal solution for creating a safe charging point compatible with all electric cars in circulation today and in the future.

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