Additive Appliances Srl

Additive Appliances is a startup engaged in the development of a new generation of home appliances, including coffee machines and personal care products. The company's innovative approach leverages successful 3D printing applications such as thermal management (e.g., heat exchangers) and fluid dynamics optimization, among others, with the goal of bringing the benefits of 3D printing into consumers' homes, creating solutions that deliver tangible benefits and radically improved user experiences.



In addition, through the use of digital manufacturing technologies, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product lifecycle: from design to disposal, including greater energy efficiency during use. Additive manufacturing is recognized as one of the enabling technologies of the circular economy, and has the potential not only to revolutionize product performance, but also to tangibly reduce their environmental impact. Sustainability and the well-being of people are, in fact, the true guiding principles of Additive Appliances' vision.

Giving concrete form to its mission, the startup has developed and patented a temperature and pressure control system for coffee machines that has the potential to make current products more efficient, multifunctional, and even customizable (for example, small batches engineered to enhance the qualities of a fine variety of coffee, so-called specialty coffee). All of this is done by reducing the number of components required for their operation, making them more energy efficient and facilitating the process of disposal and recycling.

The development objectives of Additive Appliances, however, go beyond coffee and stem from the conviction that the same innovative approach can be successfully applied to many other household appliances and personal care products. In this sense, the startup is also positioning itself in the market as an "application provider" of innovative solutions -that is, as a partner who, working in synergy with key players in the digital manufacturing value chain, is able to develop vertical applications for corporate clients interested in accelerating the adoption process of this disruptive technology.

Ingenuity is a natural aptitude of ours, and intellectual property rights are among our most valuable assets. The team has over 50 years of aggregate experience, including advanced research activities in applied physics and Computational Fluid Dynamics, as well as international senior roles in the additive manufacturing industry. Established in the second quarter of 2021, the startup is among the winners of the Additive Startup Italia award and has been awarded European funds from the first Digital Innovation Hub World Open Call in collaboration with Kilometro Rosso Innovation District.

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